Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Springbreak" Mala 2011

PHOTO: Group photo with the Aussies and PCVs at Mala.

I recently traveled to Mala Island with a bunch of PCVs and Aussie medical students to take some time off during our school break. We were lucky enough for the owner Nessa to invite us into his resort even though it was close at the time. He will pick you up for free with his boat from Talihau beach, which is a quick three minute boat ride across the small channel.

PHOTO: Cooking it up in the kitchen and the final product. 'Ifo 'aupito!

We were all very surprised when Nessa offered up food from his kitchen. The cooks were not yet in the island, so as long as we did all the work it was alright. What did we do? We all dug in and prepared a delicious meal with hamburgers and potatoes/banana fries. The resort had a legit kitchen with industrial size refrigerators and cooking equipment. It was quite a nice change from my little kitchen in Matamaka. By the time the food was all prepared, the sun was just beginning to set. It was a very picturesque scene!

PHOTO: Me serving the fries.

The resort plans to re-open in July and should be open for the rest of the tourist season this year. To learn more information about Mala Island Resort, check out Google "Tonga Holiday" and search for Mala Island. Prices are pretty reasonable and fairly accessible from the main island of Vava'u.
PHOTO: Some of the girls posing for the camera.

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