Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dive Trip Numbah 2

PHOTO: The dive team before our first dive off of Hunga.

I had another excellent opportunity for another dive with DIVE VAVA'U during the first week of the mid-year school break. A couple of PCVs and I chose Dive Vava'u again, because they're awesome and very reliable. Our first dive was off of the island of Hunga called Caddy Shack. There were a lot of small caves and tunnels that you can swim around in. It was a bit scary at first due to the tight squeeze. Regardless, it was very cool and worth it.

PHOTOS: Random diving pics.

Our second dive was a small island just north of my island Nuapapu. The dive site was called Shark Tooth. There is a large cave underneath home to multiple sharks. It was so cool to watch them swim all around you. Frightening at first, but at the same time it was very beautiful watching them swim so elegantly around you. This dive site also has some rock formation that looks like a shark tooth, hence it name. At the end of the day, we had another successful dive trip in Vava'u. We look forward for our next dive trip at the end of July (woot woot)!

PHOTO: The rescued baby turtle.

On a side note, Dive Vava'u rescued this baby turtle. A local taxi driver in Neiafu had it as a decoration on his dash board in a small container--wtf?!?! Karen (the owner of Dive Vava'u) bought the baby turtle from the man and have been taking care of it at her dive shop. They plan on releasing the baby turtle when it is ready.

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