Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventure day in Vava'u

PHOTO: Some PCVs and I preparing our bikes for our trip to Holonga.

One of our fellow volunteers from Vava'u had a new opportunity come about and has decided to pursue her dreams. As a result, for those of left at Vava'u made sure she had an excellent last week in the Kingdom of Tonga (most of the PCVs went to New Zealand for a holiday). Most of us were on the school break so we had time to explore some sights around the main island of Vava'u lahi. We decided to go for a nice bike ride to Holonga where there was a beautiful outlook in the Northern end of the island.
PHOTO: Biking down the road.

It took about forty minutes to an hour from Neiafu on our bikes. We lucked out by missing all the hard rain, but it made the trek from Holonga to the outlook almost an impossible task due to all of the mud. The wheels were barely turning! By the time we made it to the outlook, it was absolutely breathtaking. It definitely was worth trekking through all of the mud. In addition, there were plenty of wild orange trees that you could snack on en route.

PHOTO: The view from Holonga point and all of us before the picnic.

After the taking some pictures and quick picnic at the look out, we headed down to the beach. This time we left our bikes on top of the hill, because the trail became too steep. There were some magnificent flora on the trek down with various wild birds singing throughout the entire trail. Some of them were pretty stunning and massive. At the bottom we enjoyed a refreshing beach for a couple of hours before the clouds started to turn gray. The beach was completely deserted. The nearest village is a twenty minute hike, therefore it truly is an off-the-beaten path. The bike ride back to town was far easier as you were going down the hill.

PHOTO: The hike down to the beach.

I highly recommend backpackers/travelers to Vava'u to check out Holonga point. A lot of the trail seems pretty sketchy, but it reality it is not. Just do not get off the trail. The trail ends at the look out point. To head down to the beach, there is small walking path before the main trail turns off. Cheers!

PHOTO: Beach picture.

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