Sunday, July 10, 2011

Donations from abroad

PHOTO: Look at all of the new books!

Exciting news! GPS Matamaka received a cargo shipment from the United States full of hundreds of used children and adult books, a television, movies, a printer, a couple of used computers, a guitar, and a ton of random clothing. The cargo was a generous donation from the people of Matamaka who live in the US. The village had a reunion last December and the expats wanted to help out the village.

PHOTO: The Matamaka town officer's boat and some of the children putting the new books away in the library.

We literally had to use wheel barrels to transport all of the books to the school. I was stunned at the amount of new materials for the kids. Our school could not accommodate to all of the new books, due to lack of books shelves. We are definitely going to need to order two or three new book shelves. As for the new television and computers, I did not have the opportunity to see if they work or not before I left for my holiday. All of the new materials were neatly put away in a corner of the library, because we were getting ready to close shop for the mid-year break. I look forward to organizing it all when I get back to Tonga.

PHOTO: Ma'asi found this new outfit that he fell in love with.

Thank you for all of those who contributed to the school donations. We appreciate it dearly!

PHOTO: I'm pretty sure my students have done 70 out of the 101 ways to bug me. LOL.

PHOTO: You can never have enough Jesus books in Tonga.

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