Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Circus comes to Vava'u!

PHOTO: The flying man.

The Circus of Samoa performed for three days in Vava'u. I don't know if it was the first time the circus to ever come to Vava'u, but the people had a good laugh from the show. The circus didn't have any lions or elephants (what we would consider a "circus" in America), but it had plenty of acrobatics acts, magic tricks, and of course a clown. I was impressed with the eclectic cast for the show. They had people as a far away as Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, and more! The show took place at the Melifihi hall in Neiafu. They closed off all of the windows to prevent people from peeking inside. Tickets were $5 to $10 TOP, which was quite a price for the average Tongan. Regardless, how often does a circus come to Vava'u?

PHOTO: Circus randomness.

I was "fortunate" enough to partake in the show even though I tried to hide when they pointed at me. Ughh. Did I tell you clowns freak me out? Anyway, they also had a cotton candy machine. I bought one which resulted to two days of stomach cramps. Oh well. At the end of night, the circus was entertaining and I got a good laugh. They were off to Ha'apai next, followed by Fiji and other South Pacific countries before they are all done.

PHOTO: The infamous cotton candy.

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