Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hanging out at the beach with the kiddos

PHOTO: Me with the kids.

The night before I left for Matamaka for my holiday, I hung out at the beach to watch the sunset when some of my students joined me to hangout. I had a great time taking pictures of them playing around. What a great way to enjoy the sunset for my last evening in Matamaka for awhile. They are all very photogenic and love to climb coconut trees! These random photos were taken on Matamaka beach at the island of Nuapapu in the Kingdom of Tonga. Enjoy!

PHOTO: The amazing sunset in the heart of the South Pacific.

PHOTO: The kids taking the popau or canoe out to visiting yacht to sell fruits and crafts.

PHOTO: Lata climbing a coconut tree to show off to the other kids.

PHOTO: Jumping around.

PHOTO: Peni with his acrobatic skills.

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