Saturday, July 30, 2011

School Supplies from Virginia

PHOTO: Look at all of the school supplies

A special July shout out to Swantje Willms of Alington Virginia. I received a very nice package full of school supplies for the children of GPS Matamaka. It all worked out very well after figuring out some shipping logistics to my home in Iowa instead to Tonga. Ended up saving on some international shipping. I plan on just packing it in my suitcase bound to Matamaka. Thank you Swantje, it is people like you who help make a HUGE difference to the Peace Corps cause and for the promotion of international goodwill and friendship. Malo 'aupito. Thank you very much.


  1. Hi there.

    My Husband and I visited Pitisi and the children last week and donated some books and a few chairs. It was such a wonderful experience and I would love if you could pass on a big hello from us. I hope the children have been practicing their - goodmorning boogie. Thank the children for the wonderful pictures and we are working on sending a postcard.

    Hi to Tina and Manu too!
    Haden and Nicky McCrorie

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