Saturday, July 24, 2010

World Map Project Vava'u...done and done

PHOTO: Peace Corps Tonga.

This past weekend, the Neiafu Public library and PCVs from around Vava’u came together to complete the first World Map Project in Vava’u. The new map was completed at the Public library with children from the Saturday reading program who helped paint the mural. This project was spearheaded with PCV Carolyn Winik from Tailulu College and the Neiafu Public Library Committee (NPL). The NPL funded the event with assistance from PTH, a local hardware store in Neiafu. The entire event was a huge success and this World Map Vava’u is the second completed project in the Kingdom of Tonga after another map completed by another PCV in the island of ‘Eua earlier this year.

PCVs, library volunteers, and children all gathered at the public library early Saturday morning the 24th of July. PCV Winik and other PCVs prepared the board earlier in the week and outlined the countries with a projector. The adults first outlined the countries with paint, followed by the children filling them all in. After all the countries were painted, a few volunteers and I added the second coat and finishing touches to the mural. The end result was magnificent! The entire event on Saturday took about six hours from start to finish.

PHOTOS: Highlights from the Mural Painting at the NPL.

The mural will be put up on the side of the Public Library for the public to enjoy. Everyone had a lot of fun helping out with the project, especially the kids. The next big event for the NPL will the annual fundraiser dinner in a couple of months. Excellent work Carolyn for organizing the entire event! MALO NGUAE.

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