Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bon Voyage to our first shipment of postcards from Matamaka!

PHOTO: The kids and Ma’asi with their personalized postcards before I sent them off to the post office.

At last, we are ready to send off our first set of postcards out of Tonga to all of the people who wrote to us with the Postcard Project. I know it has taken a long time, but there was a ton of cards we had to go through. Most of the people will receive personalized cards from the students that they designed themselves. On the contrary, I wrote to some of the people as well with postcards from the South Pacific. I hope everyone likes their postcards and continues to tell others about our Postcard Project. We have had great response from around the world! THANK YOU to everyone and MALO ‘AUPITO.

Here are the following people who should be receiving a card:

Judith Pease = Lebanon, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA

Mary Lukens = Kodiak, ALASKA, USA

Denise LaChance = Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA

The Kellers = Sao Vicente, REPUBLIC OF CAPE VERDE

Robin Ray = Arcata, CALIFORNIA, USA

Roger Reed = Riverside, CALIFORNIA, USA

Jane Reinking = Maple Grove, MINNESSOTA, USA

Beki Matteson = Hannibal, NEW YORK, USA

Harris and Anna Miller = West Des Moines, IOWA, USA

Kelly Schmitt = Haslett, MICHIGAN, USA

Debra Legge = Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA

Paul Karasch = Waylord, MASSACHUSSETTES, USA

Birgit Kern = Heideiberg, GERMANY

Janet Garnier = New Port, RHODE ISLAND, USA

Katrin Raush = Werl, GERMANY

Emelie Zantua = Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Alicia Bumpus = Kennesaw, GEORGIA, USA

Joyce Gunn = Pittsburg, CALIFORNIA, USA

Susanna Selvino = Padova, ITALY

Mary Ann Horn = Saint Clairsville, OHIO, USA

William Lindsey = St. Augustine, FLORIDA, USA

Bonnie Jeanne = Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA, USA

Pro = Shanghai, CHINA

Richard and Beth Smith = Indianola, WASHINGTON, USA

Peler = Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Bianea = Went Beach, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Lauren Horie = JAPAN

Florian Heiler = Berlin, GERMANY

Ruben Bravo = Madrid, SPAIN

Bard = Branson, MISSOURI, USA

Sebastian Diesing = Heine, GERMANY

Abnishnabae Art Gallery = Thundery Bay, ONTARIO, CANADA

Jan and Dwight = Rainier, OREGON, USA

Jane Hudson = San Jose Village, TINIAN

Detlef M. Plaisier = Leipzig, GERMANY

A. Oude Elferink = HOLLAND

The Glesers = Modesto, CALIFORNIA, USA

Lynn Barnes = Juneau, ALASKA, USA

Rajko Golovic = MONTENGRO

Anu Kainiemi = West Midlands, ENGLAND

Roger Allen = Galiano Island, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA

Amelia Conklin = East Lansing, MICHIGAN, USA

Ann Blum = Harlan, IOWA, USA

Richard and Candi DeCarlo = Harlan, IOWA, USA

Polo Gaputan = Las Vegas, NEVADA, USA

Christine L. = Iowa City, IOWA, USA

Jaquanda Franklin = Coralville, IOWA, USA

If your name wasn’t on the list, it may be on the second round of cards which will be in a couple of months from now. Thank you.

PHOTO: Ma’asi with his postcard to GERMANY.


  1. Hooray for postcards! I will be watching my mailbox :-)

  2. What a fun surprise I had today when my mail included a postcard from Kalo in Tonga. It made my day. What a great project. Thank you.
    Jane Reinking, Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA

  3. GREAT! That's a photo with the card I received! Thanks so much, Detlef from Leipzig, Germany