Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vava’u High Jubilee

PHOTO: The main gates at VHS for the Jubilee celebration.

This year Vava’u High School celebrated their first Jubilee celebration. 25 years ago Vava’u High opened its doors for secondary students with the aid from the people of Japan. Jubilee festivities took place from the 3rd of July to the 7th. The event drew hundreds of Vava’u High students, graduates, teachers, and prominent members of Tongan society. The Tongan Princess’s daughter was the guest of honor for the event along side with the Japanese ambassador to Tonga.

Large feasts were prepared each day at the rugby field in front of VHS. Everyone was welcomed to eat and celebrate. A PCV at VHS officially introduced his new state of the art computer lab. He has installed over 30+ computer monitors which are linked to three servers. I am not sure of all the technical information of the system, but the new technology comes from South Korea. The PCV installed multiple educational programs to the computers. He was absolutely ecstatic with the completion of VHS’s new computer lab.

PHOTOS: PCV Lopeti with his new computer lab.

The village of Matamaka hosted the feast on one of the days and my family and friends from Iowa were able to experience a real Tongan feast. They were able to see some traditional Tongan dances and even the Princess! In the end, I would say the entire Jubilee was a huge success.

PHOTO: One of many feasts for the event.

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