Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Vava’u Yacht Club

PHOTO: One of the yachts on the race to the finish line.

Every Friday afternoon at the Port of Refuge in Neiafu, the Vava’u Yacht Club organizes a Yacht race around the harbor. The event only happens during the tourist season (June to September-ish?). Sail boats and her “crew” all meet up at the Mermaid where the details of the race are explained. The harbor has different markings that are turn-around points for the different yachts. After all the participants are determined, everyone heads off to their designated yachts and wait for the go signal. The winners generally win a prize which ranges from free meals at the Mermaid restaurant to t-shirts.

PHOTO: The skipper of the boat (aka Ashley).

Ashley and I were lucky enough to be invited to get on board of one of the vessels. Ashley even had the opportunity to man the helm! We learned a lot from the entire experience about different sail terms. I am determined to someday own a yacht and sail around the world. There was very little wind that day of the race, so it really wasn’t much of a race. It was funny how we were in second place in the beginning and then finished last. Regardless, it was seriously a ton of fun. The skipper of the boat was such nice guy to even invite us along.

In the end, Ashley and I had an awesome time hanging out with a bunch of yacht-ies and watching a spectacular sunset in the Port of Refuge and on a yacht (of course with my PC issued PFD). Ashley did such a good job sailing the boat. I definitely recommend anyone who visits Vava’u to try it out. It is a great way to meet people and it is free!

PHOTO: Sunset at the Port Refuge.

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