Saturday, July 24, 2010

And then there was light….

PHOTO: Solar panel and power inverter. GET EXCITED!

I finally have a consistent power source at the island. Seriously, a HUGE THANK YOU to my girlfriend’s family for sending me a solar panel, a power inverter, and some extra fuses. I purchased a new 12V battery in Neiafu to install my own little renewable power system. It has completely turned my life around at Matamaka! Not only can I charge my cell phone regularly, but I can now charge my laptop and watch movies! YES!!! The downside has been that word travels fast that Feleti has a new battery and inverter. “Feleti, can you please charge my phone?” or “Feleti, what are you doing?”—when clearly I’m watching a movie. Ugh...fakahela ‘aupito. I don’t mind helping out my immediate neighbors who have been kind and helpful to me, but some of these random people who have NEVER said a single word to me suddenly wants to be my new best friend? Please, my house is not a Holiday Inn and visiting hours are strictly between 4-6 PM or by invitation only.

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