Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unveiling of the World Map Vava'u

PHOTO: The official unveiling of the World Map Vava'u.

The Neiafu Public Library proudly celebrated the unveiling of the first Peace Corps World Map Project in Vava'u this past March. The children, PCVs, and other members of the library community came together one Saturday morning to dedicate the map to the people of Vava'u. We have all been waiting a long time for the map to go up. It is located on the front wall of the Neiafu Public library for everyone to see.

PHOTOS: Randomness from the event.

PCV Carolyn Winik spearheaded the entire project since its beginning last July, but finally the library finally obtained the protective covering for the map earlier this past month. Children from the Saturday reading program, PCVs, and other members of the community got together last July to paint the world map. The entire project was funded by the library committee. The World Map Vava'u is the second World Map project in the Kingdom of Tonga with the first being in the island of 'Eua. I unfortunately could not attend the event due to high winds that restricted all travel between the island. I was fortunate to have my Tongan counterpart attend the event to capture these photos.

PHOTO: PCV Sephora being proud of her roots in Eritrea.

The Neiafu Public Library is the oldest NGO in the Kingdom of Tonga. It is supported by an active library committee that is comprised numerous members of the Vava'u community. The group has been supported by NZAID, Canada fund, and other international donors in the past to help it become the way it is today. An annual fun day carnival and dinner are the two main fundraiser events the library committee hosts to help cover the expenses of the organization and to afford a full time librarian during the academic year.
PHOTO: Some of the current PCVs in Vava'u.

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