Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's that time of year again? What is that you may ask? SPORTS DAY!

PHOTO: Matamaka GPS wins!

Matamaka GPS hosted the 3rd annual Nuapapu Outer-Island Sports Day Invitational this year at Nuapapu. It was a fun filled event of competition ranging from spoon races to running relays. Students from Lape GPS, Matamaka GPS, and Nuapapu GPS all participated in this year's event. Ovaka GPS was invited, but couldn't make it (maybe next year).

PHOTOS: Let the games begin!

My staff and I had set up the event schedule since it was our turn to host the event. As a result, the Matamaka PTA prepared all the food for all the "important" people--aka the men at the kava circle and for all the teaching staff of all the schools. I would have to say this year's sports day ran a lot more smoothly than last year with a definite event schedule. We spent a lot of time last year waiting for the next event, because no one knew what was next. In contrast, this year was more of a "bam, bam, bam."

PHOTOS: Other fun pics from the event.

We have been preparing the kids with sports day practice for three weeks prior to the actual event. It mostly comprised of running around after school and building up endurance with the kids. I, too participated and got a really good workout out of it. In the end, Matamaka won the entire invitational! The kids worked really hard and couldn't face another defeat like the year before. I am definitely going to miss Sports Day when I leave Tonga the end of this year. It truly is a fun event and it's awesome to see the kids want to win something so badly. Until next time! Enjoy all the Sports Day photo highlights.

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  1. thanks so much for sharing!! i definitely remember the lova tangai event as a kid back in gps in neiafu, ofcourse i was always last place, hehehee.. you're definitely making a huge positive impact out there, a very big MALO 'AUPITO to you Farfum, we appreciate all you do for our beloved island and people. :) 'Ofa atu!