Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm scuba certified!

PHOTO: Me finished with one dive in Vava'u.

I'm officially scuba certified! I recently wrapped up a four day SDI diving course with a local diving operator Dive Vava'u. It truly was an amazing experience and it showed a whole different side of Vava'u. Everything just comes to life as you head down underwater! PCVs from Tongatapu came up to take the course with Kalo and I. We were all very pumped for the entire experience and it was well worth the money.
PHOTO: PCV Sela waving to the camera after our first time in the water.

Dive Vava'u is run by Karen and Paul. They have been in the diving business for years and have worked all around the world. Dive Vava'u also does whale tours. I highly recommend Dive Vava'u, because of their environmentally conscious operation. Example: they will not chase whales if they don't want to swim you like other operators in Vava'u. Futhermore, Paul and Karen are marine biologist and are the ONLY dive operator with whale watching experience outside of Vava'u. Must I say more? As a result, check them out if you are interested in diving or whale watching in Vava'u. They book up pretty fast, so contact them asap.
PHOTOS: Me and some PCVs getting ready to dive!

Regardless, diving was an awesome experience. We were able to swim with sharks on our last dive. YES, you read correctly SHARKS! Two of them to be exact. It was a complete surprise and a perfect way to end the course. I couldn't believe how gentle they looked, yet at the same time very intimidating. I couldn't believe they were just swimming around so close to us. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! The only thing I had issues with diving was taking off my mask underwater and putting it back on. When your sixty feet underwater, you don't really have an option, but to do it right otherwise you can't see crap. Ahh, it truly was a breathtaking experience and definitely started up a whole new hobby. Thanks Dive Vava'u!

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