Monday, April 4, 2011

Treasure Island Getaway

PHOTO: The white sand beach at 'Euaiki.

TI- Treasure Island. No, I'm not talking abou the casino in Vegas, but the REAL Treasure Island Resort in Vava'u. Located on the island of 'Euaiki in the South-Eastern section of Vava'u nestles the white sand beaches of the private island eco-resort of Treasure Island. It truly is a magnificent place and could clearly be a candidate for heaven on Earth, but don't forget the hefty price tag for paradise. You didn't you could just walk up and stay for free could you? Ha, well we fortunately did!
PHOTO: The dock at Treasure Island with chairs calling out your name.

Thanks to some very friendly caretakers of the island during low season, the Peace Corps volunteers in Vava'u were invited for an unforgetable weekend retreat at the resort. It is sure to make any other PCVs envy at some of the benefits with working in Vava'u. The weekend included an intense volleyball game followed by some delicious food conjured up by one of our hosts. BEST fish tacos and curry I have ever tasted! The weekend also gave me an opportunity to try out a variety of water sports that I have never tried before. The resort has various kayaks and boards at your disposal.
PHOTO: Randomness from TI.

We all shared various Tongan fales--huts around the resort. They come fully equipped with a working bathroom with a shower and flushing toilets!--I don't have either at Matamaka FYI. Moreover, the buidings are all powered by solar panels, hence becoming an "eco-resort." Caves in the other side of the island are a great incentive to leave the beach for a couple of hours and explore. In the end, the best part was just to have everyone there and enjoy each other's company. It is very rare that we all get together for some weekend fun.

To check out room rates and availability of Treasure Island Eco-Resort, please refer to the Tonga Visitors Bureau website:

PHOTO: One of the caves around the island.

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