Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last minute library fun

PHOTO: Painting the two new bookshelves for the library with Tina.

My last month in Tonga was dedicated to the final renovation of adding two new bookshelves for the Matamaka GPS library. They were constructed by one of the PTA members and painted by me and my principal's family. The new shelves will accommodate the hundreds of new books we acquired from the US through donations by former Matamaka residents. The library looks better than ever now with the new addition.

PHOTO: Night school at Matamaka GPS.

Furthermore, night school for the Class 6 Secondary Entrance Exam was in full swing. I normally take the first shift for the night and either Pitisi or Ma'asi do another subject for the second half of the night. It is amazing how these kids are so dedicated to coming school all the time. It could be partly that there is nothing else to do in the village, but heck its keeps us all busy.

PHOTO: Fakakai. YUM!

Every so often one of the kids will bring me food. One of my favorite during the course of the two years is the sweet fakakai. It is basically flour or tapioca boiled into little ball and coated with sugar then stuck in the earth oven called 'umu. It is a nice tropical dessert type of meal, though most people call it dinner. It is carbs and sugar heaven. Not the most healthiest thing in the menu, but then again your in Tonga and that is last of your worry. My principal loves it too as you can from the picture!
PHOTO: Pitisi loving the food!

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