Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Fish 2

PHOTO: The Fifita family of Matamaka with one of the two big sword fish they caught.

Looks like another successful day at sea. Two men from village went out to sea and caught these two massive bill fish off the island of Hunga. Could not believe how a simple line and hook can catch one of these bad boys. Of course everyone had to run to my house so I could take group shots with the fish. I, too had the opportunity to take some pics with the sea creatures. They are literally bigger than some of my class six students! I can only imagine how much money they made from meat at the fish market in Neiafu. Regardless, this just shows the type of game around the waters of Vava'u. So all you fish enthusiast get on down to Vava'u and start fishing! Cheers!

PHOTOS: Randomness at the beach with Matamaka GPS in the background.

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