Sunday, May 8, 2011


HELLO to the world! GPS Matamaka is working with the Peace Corps Partnership Program to upgrade and repair our school compound. I am asking everyone out there who have become friends with GPS Matamaka to help spread the word and HELP US OUT. You may donate any amount to the Peace Corps Partnership Website at: It is tax-deductible for all US residents/citizens. For all of those who contribute any amount to the school,we will dedicate your home country and name on a special mural on the newly built school wall. A laminated photo-postcard will be sent to you from Tonga upon completion of the project. WE WOULD VERY MUCH LOVE YOUR HELP! Please read the following information which is published on the Peace Corps Website:


The principle goals for this project are to repair and improve the physical infrastructure of the Government Primary School (GPS) of a small outer island in Tonga. This small island GPS received substantial damage after Cyclone Rene ravaged through Tonga in February 2010. The project comprises of three components: the repair of the fall school wall, the production of outdoor benches, and the construction of a reinforced concrete shed.

The island's Parent Teachers Association (PTA), teaching staff and current Peace Corps Volunteer are working cohesively to ensure the long term sustainability of the proposed construction. Factors such as inclement weather, natural disaster, and maintenance have been factored into the construction. For example, the shed will be assembled with reinforced concrete, versus tin roof siding material in order to sustain heavy winds and rain throughout the year. The PTA will be providing all of the cement, gravel, labor and transportation of all materials to the island, valued at $1,652.97 USD. The PCPP funds will cover the cement blocks, timber and other construction materials valued at $2,781.70 USD.

Upon completion of the fallen school wall, a special mural will be created to honor all those who helped make the School's Project a reality. Each donor will have a special cement block commemorated on their behalf with their home country flag. The Primary School has an active Postcard Project with participants in over 50 countries. Photos of the finished cement blocks, benches and shed shall be made available via the PCV's personal Blog.


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