Saturday, May 21, 2011

CPR workshop

PHOTO: CPR workshop at the GPS Matamaka Library.

Ma'asi and I hosted a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR workshop to the children and staff of GPS Matamaka. A young high school girl drowned in Matamaka last year after an overloaded ship sunk off the Matamaka coast. She was only 17! I first had a session with my Tongan counterparts then they spearheaded the Tongan version of the CPR lesson to the class 3-6 students. We used a Peace Corps dummy (thank you PC medical team) to practice on before each student were broken into pairs to "practice" the entire procedure from start to finish.

When Ma'asi first asked the kids what they think they should do if they see someone who is drowning, one of the students said to "put their feet up in the air to let the water drain out." Yes, this is the reason why it was critical to teach these life savings skills to the students. I don't expect to have them be professional, but as long as we help raise awareness/"plant the seed" then we were successful.
PHOTO: More CPR photos.

This blog is dedicated to JOHN of Ha'apai who is very busy with his health initiatives in Tonga. Check out his website and blog. It is pretty good (YES-John, if you are reading this I am officially endorsing you).


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  1. Farfum, You are my hero! Thank you for building a better Vava'u. :)

    -'onevai (slc, ut)