Sunday, May 8, 2011

Computers and SOLAR PANELS!

PHOTO: The principal (Pitisi Langa'oi) with Allan Bowe for the official hand off of the net books in the GPS Matamaka library.

GPS Matamaka officially received two net books donated from Mounu Island Resort. We now have a total of three computers at the school. You may wonder how we run the machines? We actually have a diesel generator that we use to run night school which is also when we charge up the net books. HOWEVER, we just found out that NZAID will be funding the missing wires and inverters for our solar panels!!!!!!!! What awesome news, eh? They should be arriving in hopefully a month to Tonga from Fiji. Upon its arrival, Mounu Island Resort will assist to hook up all the solar panels, LED lights, and power switches for all of the rooms at GPS Matamaka. Furthermore, Digicel will hook us up with internet. GPS Matamaka will truly become the most modern school in all of Tonga!

PHOTO: Me teaching computer lessons to the kids with all of the computers.

Currently, I am having computer classes with my two Tongan counterparts and introducing basic computer skills to the class six students. They are learning how to work the mouse and type on the keyboard. Robert, a PCV from Vava'u High School, has assisted us with installing various educational programs on the net books to help the students--THANK YOU. As you can imagine, we are very excited with all of the recent activities at our school. Things are starting to really pick up and happening!

Upon completion of all the installation, we will have a special ceremony to officially "turn on" the lights. Tongan government officials, foreign delegates, Peace Corps volunteers/staff, and the local community members will be invited to the event. Until then, I will keep you all informed as more progress unfolds.

Peace and love from Vava'u!

PHOTOS: Ma'asi and the class six students at the library working with the new net books.

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  1. Whoa, that's wonderful! Times have surely changed. By 1987 standards when I was a GPS 'Onevai student, you kids are pretty spoiled. :-))

    - 'onevai (slc, ut)