Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tongan Fundraiser aka KONSETI

PHOTO: Please don’t stop the music.

Fundraisers in Tonga come in different forms. One of them is called a kulapu, where men donate money to drink kava. Another common one is called a konseti. This type of fundraiser is commonly used by primary schools. The students get all dressed up in traditional Tongan attire and perform various Tongan dances. Performances range from sitting to warrior dances. Regardless, they all do an amazing job!

As the students perform, people from the crowd donate money by sticking it to their oil slicked skin or just placing it around their Tongan attire. They are fun events with good music. You may jump right in to dance if you want. Some konseti-s can make thousands of pa’anga. I was able to snap some photos from a konseti at GPS Liviela in Neiafu. Enjoy. Just another thing to look forward to if you visit Tonga.

PHOTOS: Some pics from the konseti event.

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  1. Hi, would it be possible to gain permission to use some of your images in an university assignment about tonga?.
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    Rowan Stringer
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