Saturday, September 11, 2010

ROTI for SALE. 'Ifo 'aupito

PHOTO: How to make fresh roti.

I was very impressed when I found out that my counter-part’s sister started a small business. Lesieli is a mother of two and wanted to help contribute to the family income. What did she do? Lesieli started a roti business. Roti is very similar to rolled up quessidia, but with curry instead. She uses unripe lesi (papaya), tin fish, curry, and fresh roti made from flour and water. I am not a big fan of tin fish, but the way she prepares her roti is amazing. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I was eating tin fish.

PHOTO: Preparing the roti.

I admire Lesieli’s hard work and dedication. She literally stays up all night preparing all of the roti to be sold the next day. It is a daily routine, except for Saturday evening which is her day “off” since everything is closed on Sundays. Several falekoloas buy her roti. In return, she makes a net profit of $300-$500 TOP a week. It’s quite impressive, if I say so myself. Lesieli is an inspiration to women in Tonga. She has taken initiative and successfully launched a thriving business. I look forward to see if she plans on expanding her business in the future. As for now, she is quite content with everything and appreciates her family’s support. If you’re ever around Neiafu, try one out for yourself. They’re only a pa’anga each. Good food, great value.

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