Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pizza Hut? Papa John’s? DiGiorno? No….it’s the Matamaka Pizza!

PHOTO: Can you say YUM?

The class six exams are coming up in a few weeks. To help my students out, I held a special cooking class at my house on how to make a pizza one Saturday afternoon. The catch, they all had to follow an English recipe and speak fakapalangi (English) the entire time. At first everyone was a bit hesitant on speaking at all. I gave everyone directions and they just giggled and said “okay Feleti.”

It was a lot of fun. They learned a ton of new vocabulary like “spatula” and “greased pan.” It was quite a treat for them to “hangout” at Feleti’s house for the afternoon. All the other village kids kept watching from outside my window. I told them they all have to wait until they are in class six. Come on, my house is tiny and can’t fit everyone.

The recipe is quite simple. Flour, milk (Anchor box milk, o yeah), Chesdale cheese, peppers, onions, garlic, pineapple are some of the ingredients we used. We even opened up one of my imported pepperoni from the States (SO GOOD). About an hour and half later, it was done. They never had pepperoni before, and I wasn’t sure if they liked it or not. I was told it was spicy. You know how hard it is to get pepperoni here? Lol. I later assigned them an essay on a “how to” paper after the cooking class. They weren’t going to get away that easy from homework. Good times, good times.

PHOTO: How to bake a pizza the Matamaka way.

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