Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mala Island Resort

Photo: Mala Island Resort.

What to do on a Sunday in Tonga that does not involve church? Go to MALA ISLAND RESORT. I don't know why I haven't gone there any sooner, but I finally made it there a few weeks ago with some other PCVs. The resort is magnificent! It is very easy to get to (taxi from Neiafu to the end of Pangaimotu Island and they have free boat pickup--$40 TOP taxi ride). They have a nice restaurant that can conjure up some delicious burgers and pretty much endless fries and it doesn't squeeze your PC budget.

Photo: Oops! I accidentaly tipped it over.

Mala Island Resort is a private island with 6-8 different private bungalows to rent, which are reasonably priced compared to the other beach resorts in Vava'u. It is a great place to explore on a Sunday, because it is away from everyone and you can be "palangi" and nobody cares. Furthermore, the resort has canoes that you can use for free. There are some beautiful corals around the beach just waiting for you to explore. In the end, check it out if you make it out to Vava'u. The resort has new management from Califonia. He is a great host!

Photo: Taking some time off at the beach.

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