Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mormon Youth

PHOTO : Clean up of Neiafu wharf.

Youth Groups in Tonga are for the most part very popular. The word “youth” is very vague. You technically could be thirty and still be considered a “youth.” It all comes down to if you are married or not (for the most part). Long story short, I was very impressed with some of the projects that various youth groups pursue throughout Tonga to fulfill their civic duties. I was so impressed when a Mormon youth group in Vava’u conducted a major cleanup of downtown Neiafu. They cleared out rubbish from an entire section of the Neiafu waterfront. I have never seen such amazing acts of volunteerism from so many Tongan youths. Kudos to the Mormon youth group that day. I can only hope others will be inspired to take action as well.

PHOTOS: Various photos from the event.

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