Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exams are over! HOORAY!!!!!

PHOTO : My students taking the big exam.

All the hard work of studying has all come down to October 5th, 2010. The English Exam was the first of four tests for the big class six high school entrance exams. This test will for the most part determine the future of most of the children in Tonga. It will decide whether they will go to the government high school or one of the religious schools. At the end of the day, it is best if you can get in one of the government high schools.

PHOTO: My students and I with a visitor from Neiafu.

I was able to see a copy of the English exam and was surprised by a new “write a notice” section. Ahh! I didn’t teach the children how to do that. Grrr...damn the ministry! I hope the kids did well in the other sections to compensate. The English exam comprises of grammar, opposites, same meanings, story writing, fill in the blanks, conversation, and more. We won’t find out about the marks until the first week of December. Regardless, this year has really prepared me to do a better job next year.

Test week also is composed of Tonga feasts! For two days the parents of the class six students prepare a ton of food for the teachers, test supervisor, and members of community. It was delicious! I definitely ate well for the week. After the exams, school pretty much slows down. In the end, I'm sure the kids are glad it's over so they don't have to listen to me bicker about the difference between to, two, or too/there, their, they're and sentence writing. Malolo!

PHOTOS: Kai pola! Feast days! ‘ifo ‘aupito. Delicious.

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