Thursday, August 26, 2010

Matamaka is GaGa for GAGA

PHOTO: The Class 1-3 with their Lady Gaga inspired face painting.

Arts and Crafts week was a blast due to all of the school supplies that have been donated to Matamaka GPS this year. The entire school made butterflies and caterpillars from watercolors and old egg crates. They are very simple to make and I encourage others to try one out! To make the caterpillars, simply cut long strips of old egg crates. Have students paint or color them with markers, water colors, or liquid paint. Next, cut little wedges in the bottom of the egg crates for the Popsicle sticks which are the "legs." Then, use yarn, glitter, beads or pretty much anything you can get your hands on to decorate the caterpillar.

For the butterflies, simply fold a piece of white paper and trace out a butterfly. Cut the butterfly out and have the students decorate them all. This is a great way to work on symmetrical shapes with the kids. To showcase all of the caterpillars and butterflies, we decorated a long piece of brown paper with pictures of various flowers and plants. Viola, the project is finish!

Furthermore, I introduce piñatas with the Class 4-6. Soane was even impressed that he had to make one for himself. We used balloons that were donated by Candi DeCarlo (Harlan, IOWA) and we wrapped them with recycled newspaper and paper scraps. Afterwards, we used watercolors to decorate. I separated the students into three groups, because it would take way too long to finish one. We will break all the piñatas at the end of the school year at our cultural day celebration. As of now, all of the art works are in our library for parents and visitors to enjoy.

In the end, Arts and Crafts week was a huge success. The entire school had face painting on the last day to celebrate. We were inspired by the Lady Gaga GLEE Episode. The children and staff were all little “theatrical,” with our Gaga looks. To all our Matamaka GPS followers, with your support we can continue doing projects such as these. THANK YOU!

PHOTOS: Highlights from Arts and Craft Week.

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