Sunday, August 8, 2010

H1N1 Shots

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The Government of Tonga, in coordination of the World Health Organization, has made a nationwide effort to give out H1N1 to everyone in Tonga. A medical team from the Neiafu Prince Ngu Hostpital started the "immunization" shots with the outer islands in Vava'u first before moving into all the villages in the main island a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised that they didn't give a clear explanation of what H1N1, why the have to take shot, some example of symptoms, and other important information. Furthermore, forget about cleaning off your shoulder with an alcohol swab, they just poked you with the needle right-away. Say your name and go. Literally gather up everyone in town to the town hall, make a line, and bam bam bam. Eeks, so much for well informed citizens. Lastly, I wonder what they did with all the needles? Considering the fact that waste management removal in Vava'u is not well developed, I can only imagine hundreds of needles on some makeshift dump next to a beach somewhere. Oh, Tonga...

PHOTO: All the students from my school lining up for their shots.

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