Sunday, June 20, 2010

Radio Nuku’alofa and GPS Nuku’alofa

PHOTO: Radio interview at Radio Nuku'alofa 88.6 with Lala and a PCV from 'Eua.

The 50th anniversary of Peace Corps is fast approaching next March 2011. As a result, Peace Corps Tonga has been busy promoting Peace Corps throughout the entire Kingdom. I am involved with the planning committee and we have been busy organizing different events for following year. One of the ways we have been promoting Peace Corps Tonga has been through the radio. I was privileged enough to be a part of a radio interview on Radio Nuku’alofa 88.6! The famous morning radio DJ “Lala,” had done the interview. We talked about my site in Matamaka and all the things volunteers do in Vava’u. In addition, I had an opportunity to advertise our Postcard Project through the radio waves. The entire interview was a lot of fun and I even did some of it in faka-tonga. As the anniversary comes closer, more volunteers will also take part with other interviews and promotional events to help celebrate.

If anyone would like to get involved or have ideas to help with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Peace Corps, please do not hesitate on contacting me via email or message post. Any ideas would be much appreciated. MALO!

PHOTO: GPS Nuku'alofa library.

On another note, I had an opportunity to visit GPS Nuku’alofa and see all the great things PCV Kathy Beck has done to the school. She has done a superb job fixing up the library which was literally nonexistent before she arrived. The library was well-equipped with a computer and copy machines. Kathy created an effective teachers work room for all the staff to utilize. Overall, I was very impressed with all the work Kathy has done in such a short time. Keep up the good work Kathy. Malo ngaue!

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