Saturday, June 5, 2010

Children’s Fun Day at the Neiafu Public Library

PHOTO: The kids having a good time at the Fun day. The piñata just broke and everyone was rushing in for all the candies.

On May 29th, 2010, the Neiafu Public Library hosted its annual Children’s Fun Day. It is one of the fundraisers the library pursues to maintain its operation. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for children and families from around Vava’u to come out and have a good time. This year was exceptionally successful due to all the volunteers and business sponsorships we had helped out for the event. The entire event raised $873.00 TOP!

A fellow Peace Corps volunteer and I are involved with the library committee. The group has been extraordinarily busy coordinating and planning all the logistics for the Fun day for weeks. We were grateful that most of the other Peace Corps and AYAD (Australian) volunteers in Vava’u were eager to help out at the event. Other Tongan volunteers and a bunch of local businesses also helped out or sponsored the event. Teamwork was really what made the event a huge success. We even had a DJ that attracted people’s attention towards the library Fun Day.

PHOTOS: Highlights from Fun Day.

The Fun day consisted of a flea market table, which consisted of random clothing and things all for sale. There was a food stand with cakes, cookies, and hotdogs for .50 cents! The staff of AQUARIUM CAFE did a superb job grilling and serving all the food. It was such a hit that all the hot dogs ran out almost instantly. VEPA, the Vava’u Environmental Protection Association, also had a booth that allowed children to color an advertisement for the TALANOA VEVE national competition of “keeping Tonga waste free.” Furthermore, we had various game booths. The games included: ring toss, clown bean bags, golf, fishing for fish, and a Spongebob Square Pants “throw off.” Basically, the last game was similar to a pie throwing contest, but we used wet sponges instead. Pies are hard to come by in Tonga and I would’ve probably eaten it instead of throwing it. Lastly, there was a face painting booth which was very popular. The children had pretty interesting works of art on their faces by the time the event was over.

There was also a pig piñata made by the folks over at CAFÉ TROPICANA. It was such a huge hit! The children all had three swings to try and hit the pig. Some of the children were a bit shy to take swing at it, but there were a handful that couldn’t get enough of it. By the time it finally broke, everyone just jumped in to grab as many candy and treats. The ladies running the event were almost swept down by the super excited children.

PHOTO: Children coloring at the VEPA table for the TALANOA VEVE competition.

In the end, the event was a tremendous success. I was exhausted from playing “golf” with the kids all morning. There will be another fundraiser hosted by the public library later this year. We hope it will have similar results. I look forward to Fun Day next year. I am positive Peace Corps volunteers, as well as other members of the Vava’u community, would be more than happy to help out again. It’s all for the kids and library!


  • Café Tropicana
  • Tropical Tease
  • IkaLahi Lodge
  • Wind Pony
  • Aquarium Café
  • Vavau Adventures
  • Megapode
  • Sunset Grill
  • Tonga Earth
  • VEPA
  • Adventure Backpackers
  • Hansen Family sound
LIBRARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS: Henk and Sandra Gros, Don Blanks, Carolyn, Saskia, Norie, Robert, Christy, Lisa, Likivai, Judy, Le'o, Kelly, Dominica, Miriam, Jason, and Jenny.

(I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Please let me know and I will make a correction).

These supporters gave cash contributions as well as their help on the day, and some fantastic PRIZES for the chikdren’s games. Parents brought cakes to sell, and items for the second hand table.


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  2. Thank you, I made the correction. Much appreciated :D