Thursday, April 1, 2010

I need your help! POSTCARD PROJECT

Please forward this "template email" to everyone you know from around the world: MALO!

Malo e lelei,

Greetings from the Kingdom of Tonga! I hope this email finds you well. My name is Farfum Ladroma and I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Tonga. I am writing to you today because I need your help! My students and I at GPS MATAMAKA (an outer-island Government Primary School in Vava’u) are pursuing a “POSTCARD PROJECT” and we need your assistance. We are asking everyone outside of Tonga to please send us a postcard of your hometown/city. We are trying to collect as many postcards as possible. This project will help enhance the student’s understanding of other places and cultures in the US and the world. As a result, I will highlight a short lesson from every place we receive a postcard. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the postcard is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Istanbul, Turkey. We will take them all!

I will keep a running list of all the postcards received with their origin on my blog at: Everyone may check to see if their postcard successfully makes it to Matamaka and learn more about my life in Peace Corps Tonga. Furthermore, my blog highlights other exciting projects that are currently underway in GPS Matamaka such as: solar power for clean energy and our coral gardens. GPS Matamaka is at this time establishing the first coral garden/rehabilitation project in Tonga. It is a collaborative effort between the village of Matamaka, the GPS School, and both local and international donors to regenerate and protect the coral reefs surrounding Matamaka.

The “POSTCARD PROJECT” will be a great cultural exchange for everyone involved. The project begins now and will continue until the end of my Peace Corps service in December 2011. Please help out if you can and tell everyone you know! In addition, feel free to forward this email to everyone on your email list if necessary. If you have any questions/comments or want to know more information about my work at GPS Matamaka, please do not hesitate on contacting me at Thank you very much and malo ‘aupito.

Please send postcards to:

c/o Peace Corps
P.O. BOX 136
Neiafu, VAVA’U

-Farfum (Feleti) Ladroma


  1. :) I will send 2 post cards (inshallah, our Post Office knows where Tongo is...). One in Azerbaijan and one in English.


  2. Farfum,
    I read about your postcard project on Matt's Samoa Blog. My son Paul Reinking is a PC volunteer in Samoa. I am mailing a postcard from Minnesota today. What a fun project. Good luck with that and all your efforts in Tonga.
    Jane -

  3. Hey Farfum,

    Thanks for posting this on my blog! I know that Dominican Mully peeps will love to get involved! Sounds like things are off to a great start for you in your community! Good luck!


  4. Read your comment on my friend Emily's Armenia blog. I'm serving here in Armenia as well. You're blog is actually pretty cool. It took me browsing all the way back to that blog about the dead bugs around the pit toilet to calm my island-inspired jealousy (it's a warm 38 degrees here right now). I'll send you a couple postcards soon. Cool project!

  5. Hello from PC Mexico. Saw your comment on my blog and sent you a postcard. Wish you luck with your project! I would be very curious how long it takes to get to Tonga (from here to the US is about 3 weeks...go figure, I could walk it over the border faster than that!).

  6. Hey, this is Chris, PCV from Suriname. Got your message on my blog. Sent you a postcard on Apr 8 from Suriname. Let me know when you get it--may take a whiles to arrive. Good luck with the project, real cool idea. If you've got consistent computer access you might be able to start a database for interested PCVs around the World to send postcards to each other to help with world education in remote villages.


  7. Hi, this is Katie, PCV in Macedonia. I'm sending a postcard your way and my mom is also sending one from Colorado, USA. I passed your greetings on to Joany as well--it's a small world! I hope my postcard arrives and that your students enjoy learning a bit about Macedonia. Let me know if you want some more info for your lesson. I am glad you contacted me, it's interesting to read about what you are doing on that side of the world. Good luck!

  8. Sending a postcard from Hawaii tomorrow!

  9. sending postcard from Oregon!

  10. Sending a postcard from California! :)

  11. Sending you a postcard from Washington DC

  12. Sending a postcard from Spokane, WA!

  13. Hello,

    I just sent one from Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the new space stamps attached. I love that you are doing this. My kids learned a lot of their geography from my postcard collection.

    Take care,

    (9teen87s Postcards)

  14. Sending a postcard from Madrid, Spain

  15. I sent 2 postcards from Croatia