Saturday, April 17, 2010

My top nine photos of my Peace Corps experience so far…

NUMBER ONE: Eva pe-ing on a Sunday”

This photo was taken during PST at Ha’apai. My group in Fangale’oulunga was great. I miss them all very much since we all moved to site. We had so much fun exploring the island with the kids that Sunday!

NUMBER TWO: “War dance, my *ss”

We were told we were doing a very brute Tongan dance, which turned out to be anything nothing close to a war dance. In addition, our Tongan host families didn’t let us know we were wearing such skimpy outfits until the day before. Oh good times at culture day.

NUMBER THREE: “Carnival Tongan style”

During the holiday seasons, traditional Tongan dances are performed throughout the Kingdom. I was lucky enough to watch some awesome performance in Neiafu during the Tourism Week. Different groups throughout Vava’u competed for the best Tongan “dance crew.”

NUMBER FOUR: “T for Tonga”

You often get some spare time living in the outer islands. What do I do to keep myself busy? Besides reading, swimming, snorkeling, I sometimes build sand castles. No complaints over here.

NUMBER FIVE: “Fakasesele”

This photo represents the personality of the students and staff of Matamaka. Everyone is very chill and happy. Every now and then we just like to be silly and take random photos.

NUMBER SIX: “Two years in this place?”

I am so lucky to be in Vava’u out of all places in Peace Corps. I remember telling my recruiter that I just needed to be near water and sun to have a successful twenty-seven months service and I was placed here! It is breathtaking.

NUMBER SEVEN: “Community Involvement”

Often times we Peace Corps Volunteers worry that no one will show up to any of our events, but this Red Cross event was a huge success. Community members from four outer islands came to Matamaka to attend a four day workshop. Peace Corps Tonga reaching out to outer-island folks.

NUMBER EIGHT: “Who parked their boat here?”

Clearly someone accidentally parked their boat at the wrong place. What odd sight eh? This photo was taken at an outer-island outside of Nuko’alofa. We had some good-old fun in the sun one Sunday afternoon after PST. Good times.


Twenty-six strangers from across the US living in different parts of Tonga to work with primary and secondary students. All of our experiences will be unique, but we can be all proud to be part of the United States Peace Corps TONGA Group 75. Best of luck to everyone! WE ARE ALL STILL HERE AFTER IST.


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  2. I think the picture of the shadow of the kid jumping off the boat was your best shot, though I love being in some of your top choices.