Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nuapapu and Matamaka Gift Shop and more...

PHOTO: The view of Matamaka GPS from Nuapapu village.

What is it? It's more like where is it? Nuapapu is actually the only other village on my island. It's about a thirty minute hike from Matamaka. The hike is absolutely wonderful! There are still some primitive jungle that hasn't been cleared for agriculture, so the vegetation is quite amazing. The only thing missing are monkeys jumping on the trees!

The village itself is a little bigger than Matamaka, but the lifestyle is pretty much the same (no running water, electricity etc.). Regardless, the village has a very nice charm to it. There is an excellent view of Matamaka GPS from Nuapapu GPS. Furthermore, the principal and his wife have started a small business selling Tongan arts and crafts from the school to the tourists/yachties who venture in the village. It is such a great idea that my school will start making souvenirs to sell also. We are still looking at various options for things to make before the tourist season starts in late April/early May. All the proceeds from the souvenirs will be used to help pay for school supplies and petr
ol for the school generator. What a great idea, eh? I will let you know as we work up a more solid business plans.
PHOTOS: The typical scenes of a hike to Nuapapu.

On a random side note, I will start helping out at Nuapapu GPS with the Class 6 Secondary Exam Entrance. I will first start on Saturdays and eventually go before school starting the second term. I was a bit hesistant at first, because I was told that I am the "Matamaka" Peace Corps and not the "Nuapapu" Peace Corps. "Your responsibility is Matamaka and why would you want to help the other village?"--someone from Matamaka told me. Why not? They are all children of Vava'u right? I am using my "free" time to help out the other kids, which does not altar or compromise my obligations at Matamaka. (Sigh). Let's hope it all goes smoothly and I don't terribly upset too many people with helping the "other" kids. Regardless, I get a good workout hiking to Nuapapu everytime I visit. Two birds with one stone (exercise and helping out more kids= AWESOME!)
PHOTOS: The Matamaka kids collecting shells to make gifts for sale in the future.

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  1. I really admire your project. I want to help.