Monday, January 24, 2011

"Cyclone" Wilma

PHOTO: The clouds rolling in before the main event....

Cyclone Wilma paid a short visit to Vava'u early Tuesday morning. It was a Category 1 cyclone when it "brushed" Vava'u. Wilma did not cause any major disruptions like Rene last year. As a matter of fact the PCVs in Vava'u didn't even have to be consolidated. Regardless, most residents of Vava'u prepared for the upcoming storm by stocking up on food and boarding up their windows. Planning week for the government schools were canceled for Tuesday, which gave everyone a nice day "off." School workshops will start up again Wednesday with Japanese volunteers working with outer-island teachers with the abacus/soloban program. Furthermore, the new syllabus will be introduced this year to all the primary school. It will be very exciting to finally get the see the new changes.
PHOTO: Covering the windows.

In the end, Wilma brought rain and some wind. Not a big deal here in Vava'u, but could prove differently as it progresses South towards Ha'apai and Tongatapu. Who knows when the next cyclone will be? The season technically doesn't end until April-ish. We still have awhile....However, there is one thing for sure I am certain, watching the clouds prior to these huge storms are absolutely breathtaking!

PHOTO: Wilma approaching towards Vava'u

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  1. i was reading bits here and there in the news and was concerned for my family there in vava'u.. thanks for sharing!

    -vava'u(an) in utah, usa