Friday, December 3, 2010

Fehoko Art Studio

PHOTO: Fehoko Art Studio

Here comes another official “thumbs up” or endorsement from me to promote local groups and businesses throughout the Kingdom of Tonga that demonstrate good business practice or support traditional Tongan art/culture. Check it out:

Located in Popua, just a short drive or bike ride East of Nuku’alofa is the vibrant Fehoko Art Studio. This oasis of local Tongan art is situated in the historic Old Tonga district. Sitiveni and Valenasia Fehoko are the skilled artists that design the plethora of sculptures and crafts. They offer a wide array of art products such as: wood and bone sculptures, replicas of all Tongan artifacts, necklaces, soaps, and more.

PHOTOS: Arts and Crafts of Fehoko.

All their products are made with the utmost care to detail and are in my opinion exemplifies some of the best selections of handicrafts to promote art from heart of the South Pacific. Items are reasonably price with an emphasis on fair trade for the local artisans. Fehoko Art Studio is open throughout the year and may be able to complete orders for export. Their official website is for more information.

PHOTO: The art studio.

Contact Information:

Fehoko Art Studio

Sitiveni Fehoko

Artist/Master Canoe Builder

Ph: (676) 27-667

A/V: (676) 27-370

Mob: (676)771-6375


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